Niagara Falls proposal video

I got an email from Kenny a few weeks ago. He said he was going to propose on a trip to Niagara Falls and was looking for someone local to capture video and photos. I love a good proposal shoot (makes me feel like a spy) so I got in touch with Jen from Photojanik (

Kenny and his fiance-to-be had dinner reservations for 7:45 at the Watermark Restaurant. Jen and I sat outside by Fallsview Casino at that time and simply waited until about 9:30 when Kenny snuck away and sent a heads up text to us. We kept our eyes peeled on the front entrance to the Hilton and followed them as they headed down Murray St. towards the falls. We kept a safe distance back until Kenny popped the question and our cover was blown. 

Congrats you two! It was a blast. 


Lexi and Justin's Ancaster Mill wedding

Hi friends,

I have some stuff to show you. Lexi and Justin got hitched at Ancaster Mill this past June. Ancaster Mill is a regular stop for me. In the last ten years, I have been there more times than I can count. This was the first time, however, that I not been in their new chapel. It's a really nice place to get married, but even better from a video perspective. Lots of natural light, and a sound system I could easily plug into to capture a pristine recording of the ceremony (in addition to the microphones I already use). Can't wait to get back!

This is their wedding film. Enjoy!

Dana & Ashton's Vineland Estates wedding

Hi friends,

Long time, no see. I have something to share with you. This is Dana & Ashton's wedding from June. 

Dana & Ashton came from about five or six hundred kilometers away to get hitched in Niagara. Specifically, Vineland Estates. They brought a handful of their family with them to celebrate.   

The day was a very laid back, which makes sense because this was a laid back group. The ceremony started later in the day which meant I had lots of time to blend in and get to know everyone. If you've talked with me, you know that my favourite part of weddings is getting to know the people, so this was really nice. I don't always get the chance.

Everyone was able to take their time and enjoy the camaraderie. The schedule was set but there was little pressure if things got a touch off track. Everyone there meant something to Dana & Ashton. That was what I was trying to get across in this piece. 

Big "Hey ya" to Afterglow Images who took care of the photo side of things and really great to work alongside.