Niagara Falls proposal video

I got an email from Kenny a few weeks ago. He said he was going to propose on a trip to Niagara Falls and was looking for someone local to capture video and photos. I love a good proposal shoot (makes me feel like a spy) so I got in touch with Jen from Photojanik (

Kenny and his fiance-to-be had dinner reservations for 7:45 at the Watermark Restaurant. Jen and I sat outside by Fallsview Casino at that time and simply waited until about 9:30 when Kenny snuck away and sent a heads up text to us. We kept our eyes peeled on the front entrance to the Hilton and followed them as they headed down Murray St. towards the falls. We kept a safe distance back until Kenny popped the question and our cover was blown. 

Congrats you two! It was a blast.