Brad & Danielle (Niagara on the Lake wedding video)

Hey friends,

This is Danielle and Brad. They got married at the Royal Niagara Golf Course, in Niagara on the Lake in August.

When I watched Danielle and Brad spend time together, it reminded me of my own relationship, and even my own wedding. When things get chaotic, or I feel overwhelmed, I turn to my wife. I’ll hold her hand or put my arm around her or do something to get close to her, and her presence calms me down. At my own wedding, my heart rate went down immediately as soon as I saw her, and I went from panicking mess to “Okay, we can do this.”

It kind of feels like Danielle is the same when Brad is around. It also feels like Brad just… well, he really, really likes her and he beams when he talks about her. When I made this video, I decided to focus on these two things.