Heather & Scott (Paris, Ontario wedding video)

Hi friends,

I had the privilege of making this film for Heather and Scott. Here are the things that stood out to me about these two.

First, they got hitched in Paris, Ontario! The Arlington Hotel to be specific. I grew up about a 30-minute drive south of Paris. I was psyched when I receiver their initial e-mail because it was an excuse to go back. I didn't spend a lot of time in the town, but little bits of memories came flooding back throughout the day. It was a pleasant experience.

Second, they're both actors. In fact, they met on stage when they were much younger and were cast opposite each other because, as you can see, the chemistry was there. One of those productions was Grease, and if you know me, you know that you can plug all of the Grease content you have into my veins. To be able to say, "Do 'Hopelessly Devoted'" and have a wedding party instantaneously take it, was great fun.

Third, they are very sincere and heartfelt. You can tell by the way their crew talks about them, that they are kind to each other and kind to the people that mean something to them. They are fun people and throw a great party, but the foundation of their relationships run much deeper than that.

Fourth, DJ Aerlie Wild. The best. A DJ that plays vinyl and plays excellent tunes. What more can you ask for? I recall a couple of Jackson 5 songs. Some David Bowie. Sounded great, but the sound fit the vibe of the decor perfectly.

Fifth, holy cow they're eloquent people. Those are vows that I would shamelessly plagiarize if I were not already married.

Sixth, I spoke with them both about how you grow with someone. When you get together as teenagers, you either grow together in a good way, or you grow apart. I think most people at that age tend to grow apart because the person you are at, for example, 17, isn't the same person that you are when you are 27. But these two have grown together.

These are the things that I wanted to cover when I put this video together.